Gynecologist in Vartak Nagar, Thane

Dr. Arohi Tasgaonkar

MS (ObGy), DNB (ObGy), Fellowship in Gynaec Endoscopy

Dr. Arohi is a MS Obstetrician and Gynaecologist from Grant Medical College and JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai. She has received Post Graduate degree from the National Board Of Examinations (DNB). Furthermore, she has done Fellowship in Gynaec Endoscopy under the able guidance of Dr. Haresh Vaghasia, MD, DPE(Austria), DHS (Italy).   Dr. Arohi Tasgaonkar is the best Gynecologist in Vartak Nagar Thane.

She believes in treating her patients ethically and with empathy. She has devoted her practice to help women from adolescence to menopause live a healthy, fulfilling and wholesome life. She understands that Women’s healthcare needs are growing increasingly and is committed to supporting her patients with various medical and technological advances.
Apart from being a skilled & professional doctor, Dr. Arohi devotes her time towards contributing to society & welfare.

  • She is a part of NGO “Indian Cancer Society “ & conducts multiple cancer screening camps all over Mumbai and remote villages near Thane.
  • She has teaching experience and has conducted various camps for colleges and clubs in Pune and Mumbai.
  • She is a Rotary Member of Thane west club and Pune

Gynecology Services

We provides a full range of gynecological services to meet the health needs of women from puberty, menopause and beyond.


Routine and yearly examinations


Adolescent gynecology and counseling


Premenstrual syndrome management


Contraception counseling and procedures


Menstrual problems


Polycystic Ovarian Disease


Pap smears and cervical cancer screening


Breast cancer screening


Ovarian cancer screening


STD screening


Menopause management


Osteoporosis screening, prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Why Choose Us


Dr. Arohi Tasgaonkar has over a decade of experience in Women’s Health and is dedicated to provide best in class treatment to every woman – from preteen to menopause.


Services are devoted to addressing the individual needs and demands of our patients. Complete wellness and preventive care checkups, prenatal care, gynecological diagnosis and treatments are available.

Patient Care

We seek to provide our patients comfort and satisfaction by establishing a patient focused, family friendly environment.

Services We Provide

Normal delivery

Delivery is a completely natural delivery of a baby by the mother without any medical intervention.

High Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy involves increased health risks for the pregnant person, fetus, or both.

C section Delivery

C-section is used to deliver a baby through surgical incisions made in the abdomen and uterus.


A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the womb (uterus). 

Fibroid Removal

The surgeon will make a cut in your lower abdomen to remove the fibroids.


PCOS is a very common hormone problem for women of childbearing age.

Breast cancer screening

Mammography is the best tool doctors have to screen healthy people for breast cancer.

Fertility enhancing surgery

Are surgeries that help to enhance or restore fertility in women with infertility complications

Infertility Evaluation

An infertility evaluation may be offered to any patient who by definition has infertility or is at high risk of infertility.


Based on 111 reviews
Geeta Kulkarni
Geeta Kulkarni
Hi, my name is Geeta Kulkarni. I was observed by Arohi ma'am and let me tell you the experience was so good. She answered all my queries and helped me throughout my labor hours. I highly recommend her service. Thank you.
Prashant kumar
Prashant kumar
I feel myself fortunate enough to meet Dr. Arohi Tasgaonkar. She is the best in gynaec. The way she handled my wife during whole pregnancy and delivery. It was superb experience. Thank you so much Mam. Highly recommend.
anjali deshmuk
anjali deshmuk
She is very calm. I will surely advice to all couples. Expertised & Experienced gynaecologist. 3
vidhu swthrt
vidhu swthrt
She is the best and professional gynac I am so blessed to have her by my side when I was delivering my baby it was a critical delivery but still she believed that it will be normal delivery she so calm and makes you comfortable gave all the answers to my queries and supported me in every moment of my pregnancy journey.
amit venna
amit venna
Very calm & quite. A true example of action speaks louder than words. I will surely advice to all couples. Expertised & Experienced especially in critical cases
Kalpana Sawlani
Kalpana Sawlani
Dr Aarohi is very helpful ,calm and patience when it comes to handling our doubts.I am greatful to her for taking upmost care of my mother n making her feel comfortable before ,during and after operation.Operation was bit complicated but coz of Aarohi Ma’am it went smoothly.I am thankful to you Ma’am n would definitely recommend her.
Saowamart Saenyotkham
Saowamart Saenyotkham
The doctor is very good. I'm very happy and thankful to Dr. Arohi Tasgaonkar.
shraddha Deorukhkar
shraddha Deorukhkar
Best gynecologist ever i met! She spoke so politely with me and explained everything politely.
shraddha wagle
shraddha wagle
I came to Dr. Arohi with the complaint of pain in my left abdomen and heavy bleeding. She told me to do few tests and I was detected with a cyst in my left ovary as a result of endometriosis and adenomyosis. Dr. Arohi carefully explained me the entire procedure and I decided to go for laproscopy. In the entire course, I found Dr. Arohi to be very professional, polite and knowledgeable doctor. She answered my queries even at odd hours. I remember her comforting words when I was petrified in the OT just before the surgery. My laproscopy was a cake walk because of Dr. Arohi. I am really grateful to her. To conclude, I strongly recommend Dr. Arohi. She is simply the best.
kiran gaikwad
kiran gaikwad
Dr.Arohi is very good and experienced Gynaecologists She is very polite and she explained things so well. Thank you Dr. Arohi

For more information and an appointment call now: +91 98330 74977

The hospital where Dr. Arohi Tasgaonkar the best Gynecologist in Vartak Nagar Thane practices is located at Complete Women’s Care, 004, Gohit, Gate No.2, Kanchanpushpa Complex, Waghbil, Near Suraj Water Park, Ghodbunder Road, Thane 400615

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Faqs

1. What all should I carry for my first appointment?

Before meeting your gynecologist for the first time, here’s a checklist of items you should be carrying:
1. List of symptoms you’ve been having and its characteristics such as how long has it been, what does it entail, etc.
2. Any recent (<1 year) medical tests such as blood tests, urine tests, etc.
3. If you have any existing medical conditions, bring along your prescription and related medical information
4. Information about your family history
5. Your insurance details or company ID card, if the hospital is on your panel

2. Can I travel during pregnancy?
Unless you have been identified with any complications, it is perfectly safe to travel during pregnancy. Most women find the second trimester the most ideal time to travel as you are done with the morning sickness of the first trimester and won’t get as easily tired as one does in their third trimester. Indian airline carriers allow women to travel up to 32 weeks of their pregnancy. 
3. How often should I get checked by my doctor during my pregnancy?

In a normal pregnancy, you can be expected to come in for a check-up on the following days:

• 4 weeks to 28 weeks: 1 visit/month
• 28 weeks to 36 weeks: 1 visit/2 week
• 36 weeks to 40 weeks: 1 visit/week

If it is a high-risk pregnancy such as twins, the advanced age of women, or complicated pregnancy, your doctor may want to see you more often depending on your condition.

4. What should my diet be once I am pregnant?

A pregnant woman needs more folic acid, calcium, iron & protein than a non-pregnant woman. Hence pre-natal vitamins, which contain an ideal amount is prescribed to every expecting woman. Leafy vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, fruits and lean meats should make up 80 % of the diet. There can be cravings for salty and sugary food in pregnancy but one should try to eat as healthily as possible to avoid gaining excess weight.

5. "What changes do I expect in my body once I am pregnant?"

Your body will undergo a multitude of changes as you go through your pregnancy. The most obvious change is your abdomen. It will start looking globular by 12 weeks, an ovoid shape by 28 weeks and turns spherical beyond 36 weeks. The change in the shape of your abdomen is accompanied by slight discomfort, gastric reflux and stretch marks over the next 9 months. The breasts become larger and the areola becomes darker as the pregnancy advances. Your skin may undergo changes such as stretch marks on your buttocks, thighs and abdomen in the second half of pregnancy. Hyperpigmentation of the umbilicus, nipples, abdominal midline & face may be seen due to the hormonal changes in pregnancy. Spider veins and reddening of the palms is commonly seen due to hyperdynamic circulation. Sometimes, there is change in growth rate and texture of nails and hair. Feet and ankles swell during pregnancy due to the increased fluid carried by the body. Leg cramps may occur due to the excessive fluid, shortage of calcium and phosphorus and fluctuation of hormones. A healthy weight gain in pregnancy is 11 kg– 1 kg in the first trimester, 5kg in the second trimester and 5kg in the third trimester. Anything between 11- 17 kgs is taken as a normal weight gain of pregnancy. There is an increase in your body temperature which will get back to normal by the 16th week. Due to increased ligament laxity, many women suffer from back pain during their pregnancy.